National Builders Control, Inc. | Our Services
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Voucher System – most control

• NBC functions as a third party administrator for funds control
• Vouchers approved by Owner and/or Contractor to payees
• Bank funds to NBC’s trust account
• Vouchers and documentation from payees
• NBC issues checks direct to subcontractors and material suppliers as authorized
• IRS 1099 administration completed by NBC at year end


Co-Sign System – more flexible

• Documentation and checks from Contractor
• Bank funds to joint checking account established by Contractor and NBC
• NBC co-signs checks upon review


Draw System – very flexible

• Documentation from Contractor
• NBC reviews upon submission of documents
• Bank funds directly upon NBC’s report
• Construction funds 100% handled by Contractor
• Unconditional releases required prior to subsequent draws


Site Visit Only – most flexible

• Cost review of existing blueprints can be performed
• NBC provides site photographs and reports for percentage monitoring
• Bank funds directly


Management Services – consultant review

• NBC performs Draw/documentation analysis as required
• NBC provides comments of potential issues discovered during the review process