National Builders Control | Q&A
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Q & A


How long has National Builders Control been in business?

• Since 1986, NBC has disbursed Billions of dollars in construction funds


Does National Builders Control have organized and efficient management of information?

• NBC utilizes a customized database containing information on construction progress and expenditures

• Reports can be produced and sent electronically or via U. S. Mail

• 24/7 online access to most updated disbursement and project status information


Does National Builders Control have a successful track record?

• Successful construction projects involve attention to detail

• Procedures have been implemented to provide a control measure to monitor all construction funds, preliminary notices and any special issues which may arise during the course of construction

• Over ten thousand projects including single family homes, condominiums, apartments, commercial buildings, golf courses, industrial and retail projects ranging from $1,000,000.00 to $380,000,000.00 have all been completed through the system


Is National Builders Control a qualified firm and does it come highly recommended?

• NBC is proud of the fact that all of our accounts and business have come through customer referrals

• NBC is currently working with numerous financial institutions, bonding companies, owners and developers who are satisfied and confident with our services since 1986


How does the use of National Builders Control benefit a construction project?

NBC reduces risk:

• Cost Analysis

• Budget Review

• Disburse funds according to percentage of completion

• Obtain appropriate Lien Releases

• Monitor the project for cost-over-runs

• Monitor for potential problems


How will up-to-date information on the project be provided?

• Photographs

• Disbursement reports

• Online access

• Notification of problematic issues