National Builders Control | Special Assets Assistance
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Experience You Can Trust

NBC’s Owner-Operated Management provides unmatched quality in construction monitoring, fund control and information systems with a strong commitment to thoroughness and customer service.  With years of consistency since 1986, NBC continues to set the pace for the industry.

The Executive Management team consists of a General Contractor, Certified Public Accountant and Financial Officer with years of experience in Construction, Real Estate, Accounting and Banking. The team is knowledgeable and understands the details of successful construction projects from start to finish.


In these difficult times, NBC is here to help.  As an add-on supplement to an existing system, or as an exclusive outsourced special assets assistance module, NBC can provide services tailored to your construction department’s needs so that it can operate more efficiently and at a lower cost.

NBC’s knowledge comes from years of experience handling construction monitoring of single family dwellings, multi-family, office, retail, industrial, golf courses, hotels, restaurants and public works projects.


Interacting with numerous parties on a wide variety of projects, NBC has developed its own network of contacts that include architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, real estate professionals, and consultants who can determine if a project is feasible to complete, and if so, NBC can help manage the resources and manpower needed to complete or maintain the project.

NBC can:
  • REDUCE risks, costs and commitment of resources with outsourcing
  • MAKE more time for finding new business opportunities rather than chasing paperwork
  • CENTRALIZE and coordinate all construction loan monitoring
  • PROVIDE unbiased information on projects with checks and balances
  • INCREASE transparency of Owner and Contractor’s distribution of funds
  • ANALYZE status of projects in relation to payments on new and distressed projects
  • CREATE customized solutions for your construction information needs with site visits, cost analysis, fund control or special assets assistance

Proven Services

Loan Portfolio Assessment
  • Due Diligence Review
    • Data Collection
    • Identify Special Issues
    • Title Report – Date down
    • Stratification – By Loan type and Funding Stage
  • Portfolio Risk Assessment
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Underwriting Review
    • Evaluation of Construction Policies and Procedures & Compliance
    • Concentration of Risk – Per single Borrower or Guarantor

Asset – Level Risk Assessment
  • Asset Impairment & Risk Assessment
    • Site Inspection – Assessment of Project Condition
    • Cost to Complete – Estimate of Cost to Complete to Balance of Commitment
    • Project valuation – As-is value, Appraisal, Estimated net Realizable Value
    • City Code & Project Compliance
    • Additional Analysis
      • Detail construction Budget to Complete
      • Value analysis  (As-is versus As-built)
    • Recommendations – Funding versus not funding a Loan Commitment
  • Mitigation & Workout Services 
    • Construction Project Management
    • Evaluation of existing contractor’s performance
    • Review and analyze bids to complete the project
    • Contractor Acceptance
    • Develop and monitor the construction budget
    • Construction fund control services
    • Property Preservation
      • Security Services
      • Maintenance & Environmental
      • Title Reports – Date down & settlement of liens
      • Insurance Requirements

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